Simple Ways To Encourage Greater Employee Productivity

Simple Ways To Encourage Greater Employee Productivity

Posted by AA on 13th May 2019

The success of a company oftentimes boils down to their employees’ productivity levels. When workers are enthusiastic and actually want to show up each and every morning, they will naturally work harder and more efficiently. On the other hand, however, disengaged workers who simply show up for a paycheck will have a negative effect on the company as a whole.

According to some reports, an overwhelming 24% of all employees feel disengaged in their current position. This means that nearly 1 in 4 employees are going through the movements of their job without truly putting forth any effort to excel. This recent report also reveals that 62% of all employees are moderately engaged at best. Only a mere 29% of employees are happy and enthusiastic about their job. These are eye-opening statistics that shouldn’t be ignored by company owners and executives.

How do I improve Productivity…Is Retraining Worth It?

Retraining your employees is one way to help encourage greater productivity. Once workers begin to spiral downwards into disengagement, it’s incredibly difficult to set them on the right path. Some companies may simply fire the problematic employees and look for new ones to fill the position. Before taking such brash action, however, you should consider a retraining program to give them another chance. Going through a well-orchestrated training program will not only show them what’s required in their current position, but it will also give them a motivational boost of self-confidence.

Remove Distractions

If your company’s workplace is centered around an office environment, you may want to identify possible distractions. It’s no secret that employees browse non-work related websites while on the job. If you were a fly on the wall for a day, you’d likely see employees checking their Facebook page, sending out Tweets, and even shopping online instead of working. When workers are distracted by websites such as these, their productivity will drop. So, how do you prevent employees from checking their Facebook page on the job? There are dozens of software tools designed specifically for this reason, but you should also talk to your employees to let them know the importance of staying on task.

Reward Employees With High Productivity

Rewarding your hard-working employees will encourage everyone to improve their productivity on the job. Buy lunch once in a while, gift certificate, special upfront parking space, or even a personalized crystal award or trophy with their name recognizing their achievements engraved on it. Contrary to what some people may believe, recognizing your hard-working employees doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. A small award or gift is a continual reminder and motivation to all as other employees will want to do more to get the same recognition that they see you gave to someone else. All of the ideas listed can be inexpensive and will likely prove to be well worth the initial investment in the productivity improvements of the employee. can help you create one special recognition awards or a custom program designed to motivate your employees. Give us a call 636.537.1517 if we can help!