Tell Your Client “Thanks” With a Custom Award

Tell Your Client “Thanks” With a Custom Award

Posted by AA on 30th Jan 2019

Are strong client relationships a fundamental part of running your business? If so, you are probably well aware of the importance of keeping your clients happy. When a client is dissatisfied, there’s a greater chance of him or her taking their business elsewhere – possibly to one of your competitors. You can keep your clients happy, however, by rewarding them with a marketing gifts like a custom plaque award.

Conducting normal business transactions alone isn’t always enough to keep clients happy. In today’s highly competitive world, businesses must differentiate themselves from the rest in order to attract new clients and retain their existing ones. Unfortunately, this is a principle that’s often overlooked, as businesses focus their resources on more traditional avenues of client acquisition/retention.

A simple gift can make a world of difference in building and maintaining strong client relationships. Clients appreciate the little things companies do, and rewarding them with a gift will encourage clients to choose your company the next time they need your products and/or services.

The key to making a positive impression on clients is to reward them with the right gift. Stay away from fruit-of-the-month memberships or other cheesy generic gifts. While these may have worked in the past, there’s a far more effective type of gift today: personalized trophies and plaque awards. A personalized plaque award is an excellent way to tell your clients thanks for all of their business.

Why should you reward clients with a personalized plaque award? Here are just a few of the top reasons:

  • It’s a more personalized and meaningful gift (assuming you have the award personalized with the recipient’s name on it.
  • Unlike food, gift cards, or other common client gifts, personalized plaque awards last a lifetime.
  • There’s a certain sense of accomplishment in receiving a plaque award.
  • Plaque awards make wonderful decorative accessories for the home or office.
  • Plaque awards are cost-effective when compared to monetary bonuses or gift cards.
  • Encourages clients to continue conducting business with your company.
  • Develop lasting professional relationships with you clients.

The bottom line is that plaque awards are a powerful new modern-day gift for clients. Their brilliant design combined with the recipient’s name engraved directly on it, makes them the “go to” client gift for many companies. So the next time you are looking to show your clients gratitude, check out some of the premium trophies and plaque awards offered here at