The Crystal Globe Trapezium Award

The Crystal Globe Trapezium Award

Posted by AA on 1st Jan 2020

Still struggling to find the perfect award for your company’s employee recognition program? If so, you should check out the Crystal Globe Trapezium, offered exclusively here at It’s the perfect embodiment of hard word and dedication, rolled into a brilliant award that’s bound to leave a lasting impression on your employees.

However, there’s more to the Crystal Globe Trapezium than its superior level of aesthetics. To learn more about this award and why it’s the perfect choice for an employee recognition program, keep reading.

Crystal Globe Trapezium Award Features and Characteristics

It’s difficult to accurately describe the sheer beauty of the Crystal Globe Trapezium award without seeing it in person. Like many other high-end awards offered at, it’s made of brilliant optical crystal that reflects and intensifies light. Whether it’s placed on a desk, nightstand, shelf, or locked up in a display cabinet for safekeeping, the Crystal Globe Trapezium award will brighten up the surrounding atmosphere with a touch of style.

The Crystal Globe Trapezium award features a long, slender crystal base with a globe resting on top. What really makes this award stand out from similar products is the attention to detail it possesses. From the accurate geographic locations depicted on the globe, to it’s 360-degree spinning stainless steel framework, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular recognition award.

Personalize It!

Of course, you can feel free to personalize the Crystal Globe Trapezium award with your company’s name and logo, the recipient’s name, or anything else you desire. Going the extra mile by personalizing your employee’s awards is a simple way to make them more meaningful.

Here at, we use high-tech sand etching techniques to personalize awards. The result in a breathtaking level of customization that makes the award stand out from the rest.

Occasions To Use The Crystal Globe Trapezium Award

  • Employee-of-the-month programs
  • Milestone recognition for working a 5, 10 or 20 years.
  • Promotions
  • Holidays
  • or any type of employee recognition program…

There are literally hundreds of awards and trophies on the market, ranging in size, shape and design. However, very few compare to the level of quality and detail found in the Crystal Globe Trapezium. It’s a marvelous award that brightens the atmosphere with its opulent appearance. So, go ahead and see for yourself why so many companies choose the Crystal Globe Trapezium award from