The Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Motivation

The Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Motivation

Posted by AA on 19th Nov 2019

Keeping employees motivated is critical to the success of a business. Whether your business is focused around sales, business-to-business (B2B) services, or referrals, you must constantly work to encourage your employees to work harder and more efficiently. If they happen to grow complacent in their current position, it could negatively affect your company as a whole. In this post, we’re going to cover some of the do’s and don’ts of employee motivation.

Do: Allow For Professional Growth

Allowing employees to work their way up the corporate ladder (known as professional growth) naturally encourages them to strive for excellence. The thought of transitioning into a higher-paying position with more responsibilities and perks is oftentimes all it takes to keep employees motivated. Even if they don’t intend on making the transition, providing them with the option will motivate them to work more efficiently. Not only will this motivate your employees, but it will also help to fill much-needed positions in the company.

Don’t: Drive Your Employees Overboard

One of the biggest mistakes bosses make in the workplace is pushing their employees too hard. There’s a fine line between motivating your employees and pushing them over the edge. You must use caution to ensure you don’t cross this line. There’s nothing wrong with offering your employees some “optional” overtime hours when necessary, but don’t force everyone to work past their normal hours day after day.

Do: Offer Incentives

Offering your employees rewards and incentives is one way to keep them motivated. Trophies, plaques, gift cards, company lunches, parties, etc. are all excellent incentives that will keep your employees motivated. The key thing to remember is that employees must meet a certain criteria before they are rewarded with incentives such as these. Perhaps you can set a monthly sales goal for your employees to reach. If they successfully reach this goal, then you can reward them.

Don’t: Rely on Negativity

Some bosses use fear and negativity to encourage their employees to work harder and more efficiently. For instance, if an employee doesn’t reach a minimum number of sales or leads, they may get demoted to a lower position. Unfortunately, this tactic does more harm than good in the workplace. Basing your motivation efforts around negativity is a poor technique that will only discourage your employees. A better approach is to stick with positive forms of motivation, such as incentives, trophies, plaques and awards.