The Importance of Employee Feedback

The Importance of Employee Feedback

Posted by AA on 20th May 2019

Employee feedback is something that each and every company needs to take seriously. Giving your employees a way to express their opinions, whether good or bad, about your company is the only way you can make improvements to it. Unfortunately, far too many business owners and executives overlook the importance of employee feedback. If you want to improve the problematic areas in your company, you must listen to what your employees have to say. Here we’ll take a closer look at why employee feedback is important and how it can help guide you towards a better company.

Benefits of Employee Feedback

By using the data and information received from employee feedback, company owners and executives can make changes to improve the business as a whole. If several different employees have the same complaint, then you know it’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Executives frequently miss some of the most common problems that other employees see, which is why a feedback program is essential. Having one in place will give you the eyes and ears of employees, allowing you to see their problems.

Making changed based on feedback will allow you to create a more employee-friendly work environment. When employees are happy and content at their job, they will work harder and more efficiently. In addition, they will do everything in their power to keep their job rather than looking for outside work. It’s a win-win scenario for both you and the employees.

Employee Feedback Tips

It’s no secret that most employees are hesitant on leaving “poor” feedback out of fear of losing their job. In this situation, feedback is pretty much useless since it’s biased and not entirely accurate. Employees who are fearful of losing their job will only submit “positive” feedback, making the system inaccurate. So, how are you supposed to deal with this issue? The best solution is to offer an employee feedback program where workers can submit their questions, concerns and comments anonymously. You can set up something as simple as a card dropbox, or you can hire a third party agency to come in and talk with each individual employee.

In order for an employee feedback program to work, you must take action afterwards. After going through and analyzing feedback from all of your employees, see which areas of your company needs improving and start working on them. Employees will notice the changes taking place and will feel more inclined to give additional feedback in the future. Add a recognition Award to encourage the employee achievements with unique crystal trophies as a thank you for feedback that was implemented into the work flow which will encourage others to always think on how they can improve the areas they are most familiar with.