The Importance of Recognizing Truck Drivers

The Importance of Recognizing Truck Drivers

Posted by AA on 2nd Oct 2020

Do you own or manage a logistical transportation company? If so, you’ll want to set up a program to recognize and reward truck drivers based on their performance. Employee recognition is critical for all businesses, but it’s especially important for the transportation industry. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at the importance of recognizing truck drivers.


The single most important reason why transportation companies should recognize truck drivers is to encourage safety on the road. Automobile accidents are bound to happen, but you can reduce this amount by rewarding drivers for reaching certain milestones without an accident. For instance, you could set up a program that rewards drivers for reaching 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, 500,000 and 1 million miles without an accident. Increasing the reward based on the number of miles they’ve driven will give them something to strive for.

Having a safe driving program such as the one previously mentioned will encourage truck drivers to be more responsible on the road. Since most companies pay their drivers based on mileage, it’s not uncommon for drivers to stay on the road for long stretches of time without resting. This leads to a problematic scenario that increases the chance of an accident occurring. You can reduce this behavior by implementing a safe driving program that rewards drivers based on their performance.

Ways To Reward Truck Drivers

There are numerous ways to reward truck drivers for reaching their goals. One of the most effective, however, is to provide them with a personalized plaque or crystal award. We offer a wide variety of awards tailored specifically for the truck driving industry which are perfect for occasions such as this. You can even personalize your awards with the recipient’s name on it, allowing for an even greater level of importance. A crystal truck award is a symbol of accomplishment that will be cherished forever.

Along with handing out personalized crystal awards to your drivers, you should consider recognizing them in other ways as well. For instance, you could write a short article in the company newsletter about their achievement. In addition to recognizing the driver, it will also encourage others to strive for their goals. Even if your company doesn’t have a newsletter, you can still make a short post on your website or social media page highlighting the driver’s accomplishment.