The Versatility of The Globe Award

The Versatility of The Globe Award

Posted by AA on 1st Mar 2020

A crystal globe award is a highly versatile recognition award that’s perfect for a wide variety of situations. Made from stunningly beautiful grade-A crystal with etched designs, the crystal globe award is a masterpiece that will capture the recipient’s attention. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at this award and reveal some of the many occasions when it’s used.

Earth Day

If you run a company or organization that actively participates in Earth Day, a globe award is the perfect form of recognition to participants in your group. Our site offers well over a dozen different types of globe awards, all of which are focused around the Earth, making them the perfect form of recognition for Earth Day.

Although we’re still a ways away from Earth Day (April 22nd), you can prepare for it now by ordering some globe awards for your organization. Those who participate to clean up the world on Earth Day will appreciate this meaningful and relevant globe award. One of our most popular…

Employee Recognition

Of course, globe awards can be used on more occasions than just Earth Day. Corporate CEOs and small business owners can use them as employee recognition awards. It’s no secret that employees work harder and more efficiently when they are recognized. And something as simple as a globe award can show your appreciation to your employees for all of their hard work. In turn, this will translate into better overall performance, making globe awards a smart investment that pays off in more than one way.

Academic Excellence

School teachers can also use globe awards to recognize students for academic excellence. Rather than giving your students a pat on the back, you can hand them a personalized globe award which symbolizes the countless hours of studying and hard work they’ve spent. If one or more students in your classroom has shown exceptional academic skills, there’s no better way to show recognition than with a crystal globe award. You can even throw a small awards ceremony where the student walks down to the podium to deliver an award speech.

These are just a few of the many occasions where crystal globe awards are used. The beauty and sheer versatility of these awards makes them perfect for just about any recognition situation. Just remember to take the time to personalize your awards with the recipients’ names.