Tips For Creating Employee Appreciation Invitations

Tips For Creating Employee Appreciation Invitations

Posted by AA on 22nd Sep 2016

Once you’ve made the decision to throw an employee appreciation event, you’ll need to work on creating invitations. Relying strictly on word of mouth to spread the news could result in a lack of attendance. Investing some of your time and energy into creating actual event invitations, however, helps employees remember the time and date along with other key information. For some helpful tips on how to create the perfect employee appreciation event invitations, keep reading.

Email vs. Paper Invitations

You’ll need to decide whether to create your invitations on paper or digital format. The obvious benefit of creating digital employee appreciation event invitations is that you don’t have to worry about printing them out – which takes both time and money (ink is expensive!). Simply craft up the invitations and email them to your employees. But the downside with digital invitations is that some employees may overlook them in their inbox.

So, which format should you use to create employee appreciation event invitations? Here’s an idea: create them in both digital and paper format. You can really make some amazing invitations using nothing but Microsoft Word. Once they are complete, email them to your employees and also physically hand them a printed copy in person.

What To Include

While each and every employee appreciation event is different, there’s some basic information that all invitations should include. For starters, it should feature a large title/header with the company’s name and “Employee Appreciation Event.” You can always tweak and modify the title as you see fit, but keeping it simple is typically the best approach.

See below for a broken down list of information to include in employee appreciation event invitations:

  • Title/header
  • Time and date
  • Location
  • Directions (if necessary)
  • Phone number to employer or event organizer
  • Short sentence or two about food, drinks and activities
  • Dress code

A good rule of thumb to follow when crafting employee appreciation event invitations is to keep them under a single page. I’m sure this is common sense to most people, but handing out invitations that are two or three pages long is bound to create some confusion among employees; therefore, it’s recommended that employers limit their invitations to a single page. Besides, a full page offers more than enough room to convey all of the information listed above.