Tips To Keep Your Crystal Trophy Shining Bright

Tips To Keep Your Crystal Trophy Shining Bright

Posted by AA on 27th Jul 2017

Authentic crystal trophies offer a superior level of aesthetics that’s simply not found in other trophies. The smooth, clear crystal surface captures and refracts light, turning the trophy into natural focal point. Whether it’s displayed inside your home, office or anywhere else, you’re sure to appreciate the opulent beauty of a crystal trophy. Perhaps this is why so many companies and businesses choose them for their employee recognition programs.

Like all trophies and awards, however, crystal requires some routine maintenance and upkeep to preserve its majestic appearance. Failure to properly maintain your crystal trophy may result in the buildup of dust and dirt, which takes away from its innate beauty. A smudge of dirt may not cause any permanent damage, but it can reduce the trophy’s brilliance and beauty. Thankfully, this is easily prevented with a little routine cleaning and maintenance.

Dusting a Crystal Trophy

The easiest way to dust a crystal trophy is by using a traditional feather duster. While supporting the trophy with one hand (you don’t want to knock it over), brush it using a feather duster with the other. This will knock off most of the dust, leaving behind a sparkling trophy. Just remember to vacuum the floor when you are finished to prevent the dust from recirculating throughout the room.

Cleaning a Crystal Trophy

Of course, there are times when a feather duster alone won’t be enough to clean a crystal trophy. If your trophy has dust, dirt or other debris caked on to its surface, you’ll need to work extra hard to clean it. An ammonia-based glass cleaner, such as Windex, should suffice. Just remember to avoid the so-called
“multi-surface” cleaners, as they have a tendency to damage etching.

To clean your crystal trophy, spray a small amount of ammonia glass cleaner on a soft, lint-free cloth and gently rub it across the surface. Continue doing this until you’ve covered every square inch. When you are finished, go back over the surface of your trophy with a clean cloth to remove any excess moisture.

What About Vinegar?

Vinegar has hundreds of different uses, and yes, it can also be used to clean crystal trophies. Purchase a bottle of filtered white apple cider vinegar from your local grocery store and dilute it in water (1 part vinegar, 2 parts water should suffice). Now, use the diluted vinegar to spray your crystal trophy, followed by wiping it down with a washcloth.