Top Promotional Gifts To Retain Clients

Top Promotional Gifts To Retain Clients

Posted by AA on 28th Jun 2018

Strong client relationships are crucial to running a successful business in the corporate world. When clients are happy, they will continue doing business with the company. While there’s no substitution for providing a high-quality product and/or service, companies can leverage the persuasive power of promotional gifts to help retain their current clients and even attract new ones in the process.

Benefits of Providing Clients With Promotional Gifts:

  • Improves business-to-client relationships
  • Promotes greater brand awareness
  • Draws attention to a company’s products and/or services
  • Simple and effective way of saying thanks to a client.
  • “Freebies” in the form of promotional gifts differentiate businesses from each other, encouraging clients to choose their business over a competitor’s.
  • Cost-effective way to retain clients.
  • Motivates clients to take action (e.g. buy a new product, sign a deal, etc.)

Company-Branded Gear

Arguably, one of the most popular and commonly used types of promotional client gifts in today’s corporate world is company-branded gear. Regardless of the industry, clients love to receive free t-shirts, coffee mugs, backpacks or similar gear. And being that it’s branded with the company’s official name and logo, this gift servers as a form of advertising.

If you’re going to take the route of offering branded clothes to your clients, make sure you choose multiple sizes. A promotional gift will only work if the client actually enjoys and appreciates it; otherwise, it will get stashed away in a closet where it’s never or seen or heard from again.

Client Awards

Of course, another promotional gift to consider using is client awards. From brilliant crystal star awards to personalized framed plaques, these brilliant items instill a sense of accomplishment in clients, making them feel proud of doing business with the company. offers free custom engraving on all of its the awards, so you can even customize your clients’ gifts with names, messages, logo and other information.

Sporting Events

Tickets to an upcoming sporting event is a promotional gift that’s sure to retain your clients. If you conduct a moderate amount of business with a local client, see if you can scoop up some tickets to a sports event in your area. Most clients love attending the occasional sports game and will jump at the opportunity to get their hands on a free pair of tickets