What Employees Dislike Most About Their Bosses

What Employees Dislike Most About Their Bosses

Posted by AA on 4th Mar 2020

Let’s face it, most people (including myself) have dealt with a nightmarish boss who rules his or her staff with an iron fist. You’ll go out of your way to make sure everything is done right only to have your boss constantly belittle you. This results in a spiraling effect, where employees’ disposition of their boss shifts towards greater negativity, which in turn results in further belittlement and discontent.

This is just one example of how bosses end up shooting themselves in the foot by creating tension amongst their employees. If you’re an employer, manager, or executive, you should take precautions to ensure this type of scenario doesn’t happen in your workplace. In this post, we’re going to reveal what employees dislike most about their bosses.

Not Valuing Employees’ Time

Bosses who don’t value their employees’ time will create tension and negativity in the workplace. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common trait shared by thousands of bosses in all industries. They view employees as more of a business asset and less of a person. But employees have their own lives outside of the workplace, and it’s important for bosses to respect this.

Lack of Appreciation

Another trait that employees hate in their bosses is lack of appreciation. Far too many bosses turn a blind eye to their employees’ performance. It’s not until an employee makes a mistake when the boss acknowledges them – and not in a good way. When employees are only recognized in negative situations, it sends the entire mood of the workplace down.

Appreciation doesn’t have to come solely in the form of monetary compensation. I’m sure most employees would love to receive a bonus check for their on-the-job performance, but there are dozens of other ways to recognize employees.

Non-Cash Employee Appreciation Ideas:

  • Thank you letter
  • Personalized framed plaque
  • Personalized trophy
  • Company-branded t-shirt, hat, coffee mug or other gear
  • Free lunch/dinner
  • Verbal “thank you”

Not Working

Some bosses assume they don’t have to work since they are higher on the totem pole. Even if the company’s workforce can keep the gears turning, however, it’s always a good idea for bosses to work alongside his or her employees. Doing so creates a positive mood in the workplace by showing employees that they can perform the same duties of which they are asking their employees. Besides, it’s always a good idea for bosses to ‘refresh’ their memory regarding how specific tasks are performed.