NEW Endurance Award Dove Trophy AAMC3B

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Modern ENDURANCE Award Dove Trophy  AAMC3B

The Dove Endurance award statue is a Highly Detailed hand crafted Dove sweeping over the solid black crystal globe for a Modern Award that leaves an Impression - Showing great appreciation for those who are committed to accomplishing long term achievements.

The Dove is symbolic with Military as a sign of peace and stability while also often used in the recognition industry of spirit or bold accomplishments that required significant determination!  Additionally noted to represent a spirit of partnership, accomplishment and Loyalty as they have been used throughout history by royalty, military and other notable leaders for their incredible fiduciary instinct to accomplish long term task

They were trusted with their amazing ability to find their way over hundreds and sometimes thousands of long miles, like no other species, Loyal to their trusted task of extensive travel to reach their target!

The Endurance award is perfect for recognizing employess, clients, investors or donors who have endured and exemplified excellence over the long run....often time our custom endurance Dove Awards are used to recognize Wealth Management along with a spirit of excellence, health and well being.


Etch your logo and text into the solid crystal display bringing an elegant combination design and detail that is worthy of display!


Simply upload or email your logo and text to us and we will send you a proof of what your award will look like. 




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Silver dove trophy awards Size :11" x 9" x 6"